Financial services and legal services organisations have chosen MMRIT as their managed service provider for 30 years. So what sets MMRIT apart as a leading provider of professional IT services to professional organisations?

Customer Service

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We take a traditional approach to customer service, and in every interaction with our customers our primary aim is to meet their requirements as quickly and effectively as possible. We will never let bureaucracy and paperwork stand in the way of getting the job done to the very highest standard.

Sector Focus

Since our inception, we have focused on being a managed service provider that delivers the best possible technology solutions to professional services organisations. We understand what drives financial services and legal services organisations, and we take seriously our role as a managed service provider to leading organisations with exacting IT requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Our services are aligned to the strict regulatory requirements that our financial services and legal services customers must abide by. Whether it’s the Financial Conduct Authority, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, or wider-reaching compliance requirements such as the GDPR, our services help to keep you compliant at all times.

Security Led

The threats posed by cybercriminals have never been greater. Your IT systems are your frontline of defence, and it is essential that they remain as secure as possible. MMRIT is an ISO 27001 accredited managed service provider. All our services are designed and managed from the ground up to be totally secure, without placing unnecessary operational burden on your organisation.

Service Scope

At MMRIT we have built a service portfolio that delivers the IT services your organisation needs, when you need them. Whether you want to fully outsource your IT services, or you have an in-house team you’re looking to complement with focused offerings, we will meet your IT service requirements.