Private Equity IT

For more than 30 years, MMRIT has been providing financial service organisations, including private equity firms with professional IT services.

Private Equity IT

For more than 30 years, MMRIT has been providing financial service organisations, including private equity firms with professional IT services.

Experienced, knowledgeable and professional private equity IT Services.

Our wide-ranging private equity IT services set us apart from our competitors. Many of our clients operate within the financial services sector and are governed by compliance and regulatory legislation, including the recent introduction of the EU’s MiFID II regulation.

It’s safe to say we know a thing or two about the pressures private equity firms face and as such we’ve designed our IT services and IT infrastructure design around risk, compliance and regulatory requirements to ensure you are fully compliant.

Download our customer case studies

To find out more about how we help private equity firms and other financial services organisations, download our customer case studies. 

Financial Services firm migrates to the cloud case study

Case Study: Leading Financial Services Firm Migrates to the Cloud with MMRIT

Case study
London-based managing agency selects MMRIT

Case Study: London-based Managing Agency Moves its IT Support and Infrastructure

Case study

Private Equity IT is mission-critical

The success of a private equity firm lies in not only its people but also the technology that drives it. At MMRIT, we provide strategic advisory services, technology roadmaps as well as a raft of cyber security provisioning to keep you ahead of the changing landscape and global threats.

Our IT support is second to none. We offer a range of support packages to meet your growing needs from onsite IT consultants to remote IT consultants, proactive IT support services and a 24/7 support desk giving you the support you need when you need it.

Private Equity IT

Some of the vital IT services we provide private equity firms include: –

Fully Outsourced IT Services

If IT is not your core focus, why spend valuable time and resources on employing an internal IT team when you can focus your efforts on growing your private equity firm?

MMRIT supports private equity firms with a fully managed IT support service to resolve issues before they arise impacting on your business.

We understand that private equity firms and the global markets don’t operate a traditional 9-5 business model and that’s why with our 24/7 IT support help desk, we’re on hand to help you no matter the time of day or night.

Getting the most from your existing IT Team

It’s not unusual for some private equity firms depending on size and assets under management (AUM) to already have an in-house IT team.

We can work with your existing IT team and empower them to help with the overall IT support of your infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our GDPR compliant Private Cloud platform services are delivered in collaboration with the leading UK cloud hosting provider iomart.

Our Private Cloud service is built from the ground up to meet the needs of private equity firms and other financial services organisations.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Private equity firms need the reassurance and peace of mind that their data is in safe hands and stored in line with the latest compliance regulations.

We offer a range of backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that our data backup and storage solutions meet regulatory compliance keeping you up and running should the worse happen.

Cyber Security Services

Now more than ever, data and systems are under constant threat of global cybercriminals.

Our proactive cyber security services help keep your private equity firm protected and minimise internal and external cyber risks.

DNS Hosting and Management

We can provide you with the best options for managing your private equity firm from domain name registration and management to domain migrations, dedicated servers and SSL certificates.

Business Connectivity

Communication to the outside world is business-critical for private equity firms.

We can help you stay online and connected with our data circuits, leased lines, VoIP and unified telecom services.


In the last 30 years, the whole ethos of doing things much better than the competition and placing customers at the forefront of the business is what has helped MMRIT to remain relevant, consistent and robust today. Here’s our achievements: –

$ 1 Bn


Our financial services clients have over $100 billion Assets Under Management.



On average our clients have been with us over 7 years or 2,555 days.

1 %


We answer 95% of all calls within three rings or less.



Our roaming consultants walk over 93 miles per week moving between clients.



We support our clients across all seven continents.

How can we help you with your private equity IT?

To find out more about our IT services for financial services, contact MMRIT.

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