At MMRIT we have been delivering high quality IT services to the financial services, legal services, and professional services sectors for 30 years. We always look to work with professional organisations that match our values and ethos.

Financial Services

Financial services organisations have a unique set of IT requirements that place an emphasis on performance, security, and data retrieval. Regulatory pressures loom large, and the recent introduction of the EU’s MiFID II regulation has emphasised the need for secure, robust IT systems that are closely managed and carefully maintained.

This is where MMRIT come in. We deliver IT services that are aligned to the regulatory, operational, and investor requirements of financial services organisations. We understand the unique pressures of the financial services sector, and we have an enviable track record of supporting the successful development of renowned financial services organisations.

Legal Services

Today’s legal services organisations face a broad spectrum of challenges. Whether your organisation is looking to increase profitability, attract the best new talent, or meet compliance requirements such as GDPR, technology can make the difference between success and underperformance.

At MMRIT we work with legal services organisations to help them get the most from their technology. We have 30 years of experience working with the legal services sector, and in this time we have gained unique exposure to the key drivers that move legal services organisations forward. You can rely on us to deliver technology services that help you stand out from the crowd.

Professional Services

At MMRIT we have always sought to work with professional services organisations that match our ethos of delivering the best possible customer experience. We have spent 30 years building a reputation for excellence in the technology services we provide to the financial, legal, and professional services sectors.

To this day, we maintain five core values that we always align ourselves to: commitment, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and skill. These five values are the foundation of our success, and we keep them at the heart of every engagement with every customer.