Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure: Benefits and Considerations

Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure: Benefits and Considerations

Businesses today are switching from a traditional on-premise solution to cloud-based infrastructure in a bid to adapt and to keep ahead of technological changes, reducing costs and improving efficiencies with a flexible and scalable solution.

As technology advances and cloud-based systems are growing exponentially for many businesses, it proves more cost-effective to move towards a cloud-based strategy, migrating away from a traditional on-premise setup.

At MMRIT, we’ve managed many cloud deployments, transitioning our clients in the legal, financial and professional services sectors into either a private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

Leading Law Firm selects MMRIT for Proactive IT Support

Case Study: Leading Financial Services Firm Migrates to the Cloud with MMRIT

Case Study

Benefits and considerations of adopting a cloud infrastructure

Some of the benefits businesses can expect to achieve when adopting a cloud infrastructure include: –

  • Efficiency and cost reduction. By adopting a cloud strategy, you don’t have to pay for equipment outright, thus reducing your CAPEX costs. With this type of approach, you typically pay per month for the services you use, such as the IT infrastructure and electricity, you don’t need a large IT team to manage your in-house infrastructure, and you typically experience minimal downtime. A typical example of this is Microsoft Office 365.
  • Data security. Since your data is stored within a cloud-based datacentre rather than on-premise, you can rest assured that your provider will be ensuring that all the standard security features are fully-implemented and up to date all the time. You can also install additional security measures at a reasonable cost to further secure access to your data, such as multifactor authentication.
  • Scalability. Cloud-based solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes, especially new start-ups. With their flexible pricing, you can easily scale up or down your IT requirements without the need to buy more hardware equipment, as the cloud provider will always have additional capacity available.
  • Mobility. The use of smartphones and other mobile devices is part and parcel of most people’s route into accessing corporate data. With cloud-based environments, employees with access rights can access the information and systems they need as long as they have an internet connection. This is far more flexible than an on-premise solution.
  • Disaster recovery. Losing data is every business’s worse nightmare. Using cloud-based solutions within a data centre guarantees that your data is always fully backed up. This also means that since  your data is hosted within a cloud environment, it will always be available to you from any suitable location should you need to implement your Busines Continuity plans.
  • Control. Knowledge is power, and giving access to your most valuable information can be detrimental. With cloud-based environments, you can monitor who has access to your environment, restrict access, as well as manage permissions and user roles. This also helps to increase productivity.

Cloud infrastructure deployments

There are three main types of cloud infrastructure deployment, and the one you choose depends on your requirements. MMRIT’s  consultants can help you choose the right option for your business. The three types of cloud deployments are: –

  • Private Cloud. Our GDPR compliant Private Cloud platform services are delivered in collaboration with the leading UK cloud hosting provider iomart. Our Private Cloud service is built from the ground up to meet the needs of Financial and Professional Services organisations. When you host your servers in our Private Cloud infrastructure, you benefit from the security, uptime, performance, and flexibility you need to meet your requirements, along with those of your regulators and investors. We host in Tier III+ data centres, and each customer’s Private Cloud is unique and securely separated from other MMRIT customers at multiple logical points. Your MMRIT Private Cloud is the ideal platform on which to build your organisation’s success. Contact us to learn more.
  • Public Cloud. Public Cloud services are shaping the modern workplace. Some of the world’s leading technology companies are offering Public Cloud services that provide functionality on demand, and extend the workplace far beyond the traditional office space. MMRIT partner with industry-leading vendors like Microsoft and Citrix to deliver Public Cloud platforms which are aligned to the requirements of our Financial and Professional Services customers. With regulatory compliance as an important factor, we add a personal, high touch service wrapper which recognises your unique needs as a professional, regulated organisation.
  • Hybrid Cloud. MMRIT offer the best of both worlds with our MiFID II compliant Hybrid Cloud infrastructure solutions. Are you looking for the flexibility and availability of a cloud solution, combined with the speed and control of a local infrastructure? Hybrid Cloud is the solution you’ve been waiting for. With MMRIT’s Hybrid Cloud, we stretch your environment securely over our Private Cloud and a local ‘acceleration’ server. This allows you to host mission-critical services in our secure Tier III+ data centre environment, with comprehensive physical and logical security measures in place. Meanwhile, your local ‘acceleration’ server operates as a high-performance print and key application server, whilst offering a disaster recovery platform in the event of any issues at the data centre.

What to consider before making a decision

Before making any decisions on moving to the cloud, you need to think about the following:

  • What systems you currently use?
  • How do most of your employee’s access company data?
  • Do any employees work remotely or does everyone work from the same location?
  • How do you manage your current IT infrastructure?
  • Do you have an in-house IT team or an external managed services provider?
  • How do you store and backup your data?
  • Do you have a business continuity plan?
  • Do you have any cyber security provisioning?
  • How do you currently mitigate cyber risks?
  • How quickly do you apply patches and updates to your hardware?
  • Do employees use mobile devices to connect to your network and systems?
  • How do you manage mobile devices?
Leading Law Firm selects MMRIT for Proactive IT Support

Case Study: Leading Financial Services Firm Migrates to the Cloud with MMRIT

Case Study

Talk to us

Our experts will design and implement cloud infrastructure services which will  revolutionise the way you deliver your business to your users and customers. And because we’re vendor-agnostic, we will never guide you to a cloud infrastructure solution that is more beneficial to our bottom line than to your organisation. Contact us to learn more.

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