How to implement robust cybersecurity measures for your finance firm

How to implement robust cybersecurity measures for your finance firm

Finance firms are at more significant risks from cyber-attacks without robust cybersecurity measures.

It’s no surprise that every business is at risk of cyber-attacks, but finance firms are deemed a higher risk with the technology they use to trade, transfer and process payments.

Here are some useful tips for implementing robust cybersecurity measures in your finance firm: –

  1. Encrypt and backup your data. Make sure that your data is encrypted as a prevention tool. Preventing easy access to data makes it harder for cyber-attackers to obtain sensitive information and in the event that they do, the encryption renders the data useless, adding further protection.
  2. Secure hardware. Ensure you are using the latest versions of software and apply updates/patches to reduce the risk of any security vulnerabilities.
  3. Implement policies throughout your organisation, restricting access to systems so employees can only access what they need based on their job role. Enforce password policies to remove weak or easy to guess passwords.
  4. Educate and train your employees to look out for phishing emails and other fraudulent scams.

Strategic Advisory Services

At MMRIT, we have developed a suite of strategic advisory services and cybersecurity provisioning to keep your financial services firm safe from cyberattack. To find out more about our services and which are right for you, contact us. We can advise you with a technology roadmap to ensure you are using the most suitable systems and versions, along with managing and maintaining them.

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