Adobe Releases Major Update to Address 85 Security Vulnerabilities

PDF applications Adobe Reader and Acrobat have received a major update to address 85 CVE-listed security vulnerabilities for Windows and macOS.

Individuals and businesses widely use PDF readers as a way to view and send information across email and web-based applications, and it is one of the most popular targets for web-based malware attacks.

Back in October 2018, Adobe released a major update to both Windows and macOS users to patch a series of vulnerabilities. If exploited by an attacker, it would allow for remote code execution attacks along with information disclosures.

We strongly advise that if you haven’t done so already to update your Adobe software to the latest version. Help on doing this can be found at Adobe.

If you would like to learn more about the security landscape, how to keep your apps and data secure, then why not contact MMRIT for a security audit.