Positive Year of Growth for MMRIT

Positive Year of Growth for MMRIT

2018 is a milestone year for MMRIT. Not only have we turned 30 years old, but we’ve grown our portfolio of services while simultaneously onboarding more prestigious clients within the financial, legal and professional service sectors than ever before.

As we enter Q3 of FY2018/19, we’ve already seen incredible results. We’ve continued to grow our client base from well-established businesses to newly formed start-ups across three core sectors we specialise in – financial, legal and insurance services. In parallel, we’ve evolved the structure of the organisation to support sustainable growth, creating key new roles across our business.

Carl Chapman, COO of MMRIT says:

Successfully onboarding these types of clients is crucial for us. We’ve been trading for 30 years, so we know the experience and skills we bring to the industry are second to none, and it’s a true testament of this and our reputation in the market when existing and newly formed senior management teams contact us to help support their business. During my first year as COO of MMRIT, I have only encountered an organisation that’s savoured the changes we’ve made, despite the uptick in growth making everyone that bit busier. On behalf of myself, the Managing Partners and Operations Board at MMRIT we are genuinely thankful to all our employees who continue to deliver fantastic service to our customers every day and for helping us achieve another positive year of growth.

How can we support your business growth?

To find out more about how we can help you with our range of services, contact us. We have a track record of supporting new business start-ups and established businesses helping them to deploy technologies to increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Cloud-based IT Services

Cloud-based IT is growing faster than ever. Whether you use Office 365 or a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, then you’re already using some form of cloud-based infrastructure.

At MMRIT we can help manage and support your transition to the cloud. 

We provide a range of cloud-based deployments from public, private and hybrid cloud.

Cybersecurity Services

Cyber crime is on the rise and as technology advances, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approaches.

At MMRIT we provide a range of cybersecurity services helping you to mitigate the risk and protect your organisation from advanced email threat protection through to next-generation firewalls. 

Managed IT Services

The technology landscape is drastically changing, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments can be tine consuming.

At MMRIT we can take care of your day-to-day IT needs from managing it right the way through to troubleshooting and fixing issues.


Advisory Services

Knowing how best to deploy, manage and maintain your IT infrastructure can be challenging. 

Whether you have a dedicated in-house IT team or looking for an expert pair of hands to provide assistance to your existing team, MMRIT can help. 

Connectivity Services

To remain competitive businesses need to be able to communicate round the clock. 

Whether that’s internet connectivity, leased lines or telecommunications, MMRIT can help.

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