MMRIT adds a Security Risk Assessment Service to its Cyber Security Portfolio

MMRIT adds a Security Risk Assessment Service to its Cyber Security Portfolio

The threat of cyber-attack has never been greater. Businesses of all sizes fall victim to cyber-attack every day. How secure is your business?

Technology is continually evolving, and so is the cybersecurity landscape. As we see more efficiencies in technology from new hardware and software, we also see more advanced and sophisticated forms of cyber-attack.

To help combat and fight against cyber-attacks, we’re introducing a new service at MMRIT to our cyber security offering.

What is MMRIT’s Security Risk Assessment Service?

The Security Risk Assessment starts with a targeted audit of the client’s IT infrastructure and delivers a detailed report outlining the findings and MMRIT’s recommendations for remediation. Within the report, we identify risks and issue a score based on the severity of the threats found.

What’s included in the Security Risk Assessment?

We specifically focus on the following: –

  • External and Outbound Security – we’re specifically looking for active and potential threats on your network, and content filtering to identify potential vulnerabilities from untrusted sites.
  • Security Policy Compliance – an area that’s often overlooked by businesses but one of the most crucial elements of cyber security. We’re looking to identify that you have an account lockout policy so after a period of inactivity users are logged out, an audit policy, a password policy to ensure users are using complex passwords that are difficult to guess and haven’t been used before, a series of security options and user rights to ensure data and systems are restricted to the right people within the organisation.

Who is the Security Risk Assessment Service for?

As a professional IT services organisation, we believe this is a fundamental service for every business regardless of size or sector.

What should you expect to receive?

As we carry out the Security Risk Assessment, we will provide you with a list of findings, some of which may include issues and how to resolve them, as well as setting milestones to ensure that all problems identified have a clear path to acceptance or remediation.

Next steps

To find out more about our cyber security services, and to speak with our IT consultants, please contact us.

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