MMRIT Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme designed to help organisations protect themselves against growing online threats and improve overall cybersecurity.

MMRIT, a managed IT services organisation providing round the clock IT support to financial and professional service organisations, has been undergoing an extensive ‘security audit’ to become Cyber Essentials certified.

Carl Chapman, Chief Operating Officer of MMRIT, added:

“Cyber Essentials is recognised by the government and is an industry-supported scheme designed to raise awareness and protect your organisation against common online cyber-attacks.

We’ve recently launched a suite of cybersecurity services designed to help our clients stay safe and secure from online and offline attacks. The weakest link is usually the people within the organisation, so the focus should always be on those people and the processes and technologies which they use in their daily working life. 

Three Pillars of Cyber Attack and Defence
MMRIT: Three Pillars of Cyber Attack and Defence

To further demonstrate this, we’ve carried out the Cyber Essentials certification to show our commitment to cybersecurity and ensure that we meet the industry standards.”

You can view MMRIT’s Cyber Essentials certificate here.

To find out more about becoming Cyber Essentials certified, visit The National Cyber Security Centre or contact MMRIT. We can help you understand your current security provisioning and advise where potential weaknesses and gaps are present in your infrastructure.