Managed Services

MMRIT is your virtual IT department.
If IT is not your core focus, why spend valuable time and resources on employing an internal IT team?

Managed Services

MMRIT is your virtual IT department.
If IT is not your core focus, why spend valuable time and resources on employing an internal IT team?

Managed IT Services Provider

At MMRIT we act as the virtual IT department for many of our financial services and professional services customers, easing their resource burden and allowing them to focus on their key deliverables.

Our end-to-end managed services catalogue ensures that your IT delivers to your organisation’s needs. We have designed all of our managed services to work together seamlessly, or as individual offerings to complement your existing IT operations.

Whatever managed services you take from MMRIT, you can be assured that we will tailor each one to your organisation’s unique requirements. And once your services have been implemented, we will manage them closely to ensure a high quality, low touch service.

What kind of IT support can we help you with?

Managed IT Support

Our managed IT support services blend big company processes with small company agility to keep your organisation moving forward. We combine depth of resource with intimate customer knowledge to ensure that we deliver the best of both worlds: a highly personalised service with the strength in depth of a much larger company.

Our remote Service Desk is our customers’ first point of contact. Based at our offices in Central London, the Service Desk manages incident and request tickets, and resolves any quick wins that don’t need to be escalated to a Consultant.

Our Service Desk is backed up by Consultants, who form the face of our managed IT support services. Each Consultant is experienced, highly trained, and dedicated to a limited number of accounts. This gives them the time to build a complete picture of not only your IT estate but also your organisational culture.

Your Consultant’s skills and knowledge will allow them to deliver fast, effective IT support to your users. Each Consultant is supported by secondary and tertiary backups, who understand your organisation and will provide the same high level of support in the absence of your primary Consultant.

Our professionally managed IT support delivers fast, effective assistance to your users.

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Proactive Support

Some of the City’s most established names rely on MMRIT to deliver proactive support services that keep them running. We’ve been delivering proactive support to financial services and professional services organisations for 30 years, and in this time we’ve accrued enviable knowledge of the unique needs of these demanding sectors.

At MMRIT we believe in proactive support because we want your users and customers to benefit from the ultimate in performance, uptime, and availability. Rather than delivering a purely reactive break-fix contract, we put a lot of energy and resource into our proactive support services. This ensures that issues are dealt with before they become service-affecting.

Our proactive support services help your organisation deliver the services on which you pride yourself. We’ll be your trusted IT partner, working with you to ensure that your IT systems are always available.

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Our proactive support ensures that issues are dealt with before they impact on your business operations.

24/7 Service Desk

Your organisation doesn’t shut down at 5:30pm each day. Neither does ours. At MMRIT we deliver a 24/7 Service Desk service, ensuring that your users receive the same consistent level of support no matter what the time, or where they are in the world.

Our Service Desk Engineers work closely with your organisation’s dedicated Consultant to resolve incidents and requests in a timely manner. Any ‘quick wins’ such as password resets that can be facilitated by the Service Desk will be resolved without having to engage with the Consultant.

For tickets that require escalation to the Consultant, the Service Desk will provide full details and carefully manage the Consultant’s workload to ensure that they can resolve the ticket in as timely a manner as possible.

Our 24/7 Service Desk is aligned to industry best practices such as ITIL, and is staffed by experienced IT professionals who understand the needs of the financial services and professional services organisations we support.

With our 24/7 service desk we ensure your users receive the same consistent level of support round the clock.

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