Cyber Security

The risk of data breach, whether unintentional or as a result of cyber-attack, has never been greater. Take the necessary steps to safeguard your business.

Cyber Security

The risk of data breach, whether unintentional or as a result of cyber-attack, has never been greater. Take the necessary steps to safeguard your business.

Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals

We operate in an increasingly connected world, and whilst this brings innumerable benefits to organisations, it also increases our exposure to threats such as ransomware attacks and phishing emails.

At MMRIT we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of cyber risk management services, designed to meet the security requirements of our financial services and professional services customers. All of our cyber risk management services are modular; the services you subscribe to are entirely up to you and the requirements of your organisation.

Our cyber security services are critical
for businesses in their own right.

MMRIT’s Security Risk and Remediation service

Security Risk Assessment & Remediation Service Overview

Adding an extra layer of complexity to your passwords. with two factor authentication

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Service Overview

Managed Phishing Training

Managed Phishing Awareness Service Overview


Cyber Security Service Overview


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Combine our cyber security services together and achieve a powerful defence against cyberthreats.

Strategy and Policy

What is your organisation’s cyber risk management policy today? What is your strategy for the future? Sometimes it takes a different perspective to understand where you are and where you need to be. Through our Strategy and Policy service, we will review your existing policies and identify risk areas that need to be addressed. We leverage our extensive industry knowledge to offer you a different perspective.

Firewall and Anti-Virus

Effective firewall and anti-virus services are essential to modern business maintaining secure IT infrastructures and effective cyber risk management policies. At MMRIT we partner with leading vendors like Cisco and ESET to ensure that we deploy secure, easy to manage firewall and anti-virus services for all of our customers.

Two Factor Authentication

In today’s technology environment, we need more than a password to protect our assets. Regardless of your password whether it’s one you’ve used before, or added complexity such as uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approaches. As such, hackers are becoming much more successful at penetrating basic password-protected systems.

Secure System Design

Have your IT systems been secured to meet the threat of cyber-attack head on? At MMRIT, we design and build infrastructures that are highly secure, and that always have the capacity for future enhancement. Secure System Design is fundamental to our cyber risk management services, and we will ensure that your systems are as secure as they can be, or as you need them to be.

Virtual SOC

Your infrastructure processes thousands of events every day. Reviewing each and every one simply isn’t feasible for most organisations. That’s where our Virtual SOC (Security Operations Centre) comes in. Delivered in collaboration with security experts eSentire, the Virtual SOC monitors and reviews all of the events that take place in your infrastructure, flagging and proactively blocking any suspicious activity.

Cyber Essentials
Certification as a Service

As part of our Cyber Essentials Certification as a Service, we work with you to understand how your business operates, where and how you store sensitive information, identify business-critical systems/platforms and review your current cyber security provisioning.

URL Filtering

Protect your business from internal and external threats. Our URL filtering solution ensures that websites visited by employees are safe and secure minimising the risk of malware-style attacks.

Mobile Device Management

The modern workplace extends beyond the traditional office. Your users can access confidential data through smartphones, tablets, and laptops from anywhere in the world. How do you secure and manage your mobile device fleet? At MMRIT we work with leading vendors to deliver mobile device management services that give you control over your roaming devices.

Phishing and Staff Awareness

Your users are your first line of defence against cyber-attack. Our Phishing and Staff Awareness services deliver realistic scenario training, helping your users understand the threats they face and ensuring that they follow best practices in the event of a genuine phishing email attack.

Security Audit and Mitigation

Our Security Audit and Mitigation service provides external and internal penetration testing to financial services and professional services organisations. If you are looking for a trusted third party to carry out penetration testing on your environment, we will facilitate comprehensive tests that identify vulnerabilities, which we will help you mitigate in a timely manner.

Security Risk Assessment and Remediation

Our Security Risk Assessment and Remediation service delivers comprehensive infrastructure auditing and proactive risk mitigation. Our sophisticated auditing tool assesses your server estate on a monthly basis, producing a detailed report that advises on security best practice updates. We then agree and implement these updates on your behalf.

Cyber Security Services

To remain competitive businesses need their IT systems to be ready and available round the clock. 

To find out more about how we keep businesses like yours safe and secure from cyberthreats, contact MMRIT.