IT Services

A traditional, customer-centric approach to delivering innovative managed IT services.

IT Services

A traditional, customer-centric approach to delivering innovative managed IT services.

Managed IT Services Provider

At MMRIT we take a traditional, customer-centric approach to delivering innovative managed IT services. Modern, cloud-based IT services have the potential to deliver radical business transformation to financial services and legal services firms. However, this can come at the expense of the customer service values that the very best organisations pride themselves in.

This is where MMRIT come in. We have spent the past 30 years building a reputation for combining the latest technology advancements with the hands on, service-first ethos that many managed IT service providers are in danger of leaving behind.

Our portfolio of high profile financial services and legal services firms is testament to the quality of the managed IT services we deliver. Our strategy has never been to become the biggest; we simply strive to deliver the highest quality personalised IT services to professional organisations who mirror our service quality ethos.

How we can help you

Cloud-based IT Services

Cloud-based IT is growing faster than ever. Whether you use Office 365 or a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, then you’re already using some form of cloud-based infrastructure.

At MMRIT we can help manage and support your transition to the cloud. 

We provide a range of cloud-based deployments from public, private and hybrid cloud.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Businesses need peace of mind and the reassurance that their data is in safe hands. The thought of downtime resulting in the loss of data with no means of retrieving or recovering it could mean the difference between a business ceasing operations permanently or starting the long road to recovery.

At MMRIT, we offer a range of backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure that our solutions meet regulatory compliance keeping you up and running.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber crime is on the rise and as technology advances, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approaches.

At MMRIT we provide a range of cybersecurity services helping you to mitigate the risk and protect your organisation from advanced email threat protection through to next-generation firewalls. 

Managed IT Services

The technology landscape is drastically changing, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments can be tine consuming.

At MMRIT we can take care of your day-to-day IT needs from managing it right the way through to troubleshooting and fixing issues.

DNS Hosting & Management

Ensuring your domain name servers (DNS) point to the right services for your website domain, hosted email accounts and other online systems are business-critical. Our IT experts can remove the burden from you and managed all of these for you minimising disruption to services.

MMRIT can provide you with the best options for managing your business from domain name registration and management to domain migrations, dedicated servers and SSL certificates.

Advisory Services

Knowing how best to deploy, manage and maintain your IT infrastructure can be challenging. 

Whether you have a dedicated in-house IT team or looking for an expert pair of hands to provide assistance to your existing team, MMRIT can help. 

Connectivity Services

To remain competitive businesses need to be able to communicate round the clock. 

Whether that’s internet connectivity, leased lines or telecommunications, MMRIT can help.